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20-Apr-2014, 10:45
hi all
just started to do e-6 with my cpp-2 and ordered the arista e-6 kit. the instructions give a temp of 105
. jobo only goes to 40 c. what temp should I use . I can't find an answer on the web. anyone using the arista kit with a jobo?
for the help.

Fred L
20-Apr-2014, 15:09
105 is fahrenheit otherwise you'd be boiling your chems ;) 40c is just about 105f

20-Apr-2014, 16:51
fehrenheit is what I ment

Fred L
20-Apr-2014, 18:04
if kit says 105f, then 40c should do. (40c = 104f)

my cpp-2 has a scale by the controls showing celsius and fahrenheit equivalents.

Brian C. Miller
21-Apr-2014, 18:03
Remember to actually measure the water bath temperature with a good thermometer. Sometimes the Jobo calibration may be off.

Greg Blank
21-Apr-2014, 18:59
Adjacent to Brian's statement, if you are checking the temperature be aware that Jobo CPP-2 were or should be calibrated where the temperature comes out of the outlet in the trough. That temp will be about 4 tenths of a degree above what the display actually reads. Its is to allow for a drift by reading at the displayed temperature so that the majority of your drum stays at the displayed temp. I've seen Cpp2 off as much as a couple of degrees, as long as you can hold a temp and reach the desired temp it should not be a big deal.

21-Apr-2014, 22:07
I use the calibration of the temperature knob as a 'suggestion' I fill one of the beakers with water and put a dial thermometer into it to get an accurate measurement and to monitor the temperature during the processes.

Greg Blank
22-Apr-2014, 04:06
The idea is not just to monitor the chemistry in a beaker when color processing, if the temperature in the lower bath is correct the upper trough temp at the drum can be a good amount higher, enough to skew the results desired.

Fred L
22-Apr-2014, 04:43
also a very good reason to constantly recirculate the water from top to bottom.

Jim Noel
22-Apr-2014, 08:01
The Jobo drums are plastic and do not pass temperature effectively. If you start with teh temp correct in a beaker and the water bath temperature is close, you will not have a problem.

Greg Blank
23-Apr-2014, 17:10
Actually, the suggestion from Jobo for use with drums (especially Expert drums) and color chemistry is to preheat the drum in the bath, with the drum rotating. I would add that you should monitor both the trough and the chemicals in the breaker. Anything beyond a 5 tenths of a degree difference from the chemistries suggested temperature and you are adding potential color shifts to your color film.