View Full Version : Center Filter Recomendations for Nikon SW Lenses?

Joseph McCarthy
9-Oct-2004, 12:02

I was wondering if there are any center filters that any of you would recommend for both the Nikon SW 75mm/4.5 and the Nikon SW 90mm/4.5. Both lenses would be used mainly on Velvia and/or 100VS, therefore I am concerned about subtle exposure falloff.


Bernard Languillier
9-Oct-2004, 21:19
Having recently purchased a second hand Nikkor 75, I am also very interested in this question.

Being able to use the same center filter for this lens and the Schneider 110 would be a big plus...

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,

Michael S. Briggs
9-Oct-2004, 21:56
I have used the 90 mm f8 Nikkor-SW and the 110 SS-XL for 4x5 negative film and on only one photo that I made have I thought that a center filter would have been a significant improvement. So I suggest buying a center filter for 90 mm and longer lenses on 4x5 only if you see significant falloff in your photos. The illumination fallof is larger for a 75 mm focal length so a center filter is more likely to be beneficial.

Nikon doesn't make center filters so it isn't clear which center filter would be the best. I suggest buying any center filter with the correct thread. Perhaps the least expensive, or a filter of the same thread that is recommended for a Rodenstock or Schneider lens that you also own. Heliopan tends to be a bit less expensive, perhaps because Rodenstock and Schneider can charge a premium because most photographers will choose a center filter from the company that made their lens. Selecting a center filter isn't extremely critical, e.g., Rodenstock makes only a single model of center filter for each thread and most are recommended for several different lenses. Center filters aren't designed to make the illumination perfectly uniform because that would require a very dark filter and inconveniently long exposures.

Because Nikon doesn't make center filters, some people get the idea that Nikkor-SW lenses have less illumination falloff than similar lenses from competing brands. Based on optical principles and the similarity of the designs, I think Nikon lenses have similar illumination properties and a center filter will be as useful (or not) as with the lenses of the same design type from the competitors.

Bob Salomon
9-Oct-2004, 23:47
:Rodenstock makes only a single model of center filter for each thread and most are recommended for several different lenses.:

No for 67mm we make ones for the Apo Grandagons and another for the non-Apo Grandargons.

Michael S. Briggs
10-Oct-2004, 01:50
Bob, your statement doesn't agree with the Rodenstock brochure "Apo-Grandagon, Grandagon-N" that I have, which has a date code of 8/98 and postmark of 2003. The table "Which Center Filter for Which Grandagon Lens" lists order number 1094.2403.139 for all lenses with a 67 mm thread: 35 mm, 45 mm, 55 mm Apo-Grandagons and 75 f4.5 and 90 mm f6.8 Grandagon-N. Has Rodenstock changed their center filters since this brochure?

Bob Salomon
10-Oct-2004, 05:16
You have an out dated brochure.

Mike Williams
10-Oct-2004, 14:52
Well after some more research and speeking to some others people, it seems there are two "generic" options for the Nikon SW 75mm/4.5. They are a HOYA 67mm Center Filter with a 1-Stop (2X) Center Grad and a Heliopan 67mm with a 1.5-Stop (3X) Center Grad. The Hoya is priced at $210 and the Heliopan at $350. Now, for the Nikon SW 90mm/4.5, the only "generic" option is a Heliopan 82mm Center Filter with a 1.5-Stop (3X) Center Grad, priced at $355. I have noticed fall of with SW90 wtih Velvia, so I think I will try out the Heliopan and let you know my thoughts.

Dan Baumbach
11-Oct-2004, 16:07
I have the Heliopan on my 75mm Nikkor and it works fine. I picked mine up from Midwest Photo Supply. They had a very good price on it.

- Dan.

jarrod connerty
15-Oct-2004, 15:13
I use the IIIb center filter made for the Schnieder 110 Xl symmar with my 75SW and find it to be extremely beneficial. Grey market importers have it at a decent price.