View Full Version : Question Re. Kodak Gear and Rotratrim Trimmers

Matt Long
8-Oct-2004, 15:35
While perusing the B&H site and comparing rotary trimmers (and prices), I noticed that the lesser-priced Kodak-Gear trimmers bear a striking resemblance to the Rotarim Mastercut models. Are the Kodak trimmers made by Rotatrim? Does anyone have experience with the Kodak trimmers? Input from actual users would be appreciated. Thanks!

Tracy Storer
8-Oct-2004, 17:05
Last week I compared them side by side at Calumet in SF. Very similar, but definitely not the same trimmer, different castings, different blade guard. The extrusion used for the sliding guide was the only part exactly the same. I bought the 24" Kodak and used it during a printing session last week, and it worked fine. There's a printed grid on the bed, which is accurate to the cutting line, and a guide across the "top" where the sliding guide goes, which is 1/8" off. Fine as long as you know where to line stuff up.
good luck,

Dave Schneider
8-Oct-2004, 18:06
You would do well to look at the Keencut trimmers as well. They are very well made and provide a better view of the cut line than any of the above the table rail styles. I took delivery of my Keencut a few weeks ago. I was so completely impressed with the Keencut mat cutter that I thought I would try their rotary trimmer, I am very satisfied.

Andre Noble
9-Oct-2004, 04:16
The Kodak trimmer is made in the U.S.A.

The Rotarim is made in England. Being an informed American, I naturally chose the Rotatrim.

Andy Eads
11-Oct-2004, 11:59
I've been using the Kodak trimmer in my high school photography classes and it has held up very well. I've also used the Rotatrims with good success.