View Full Version : Antelope Valley Poppies & other wildflowers

18-Apr-2014, 22:07
There are a few outstanding hillsides of a blend of poppies, purple and yellow along the north side of Elizabeth Lake Road. Elizabeth Lake Road is the same as Palmdale Blvd., if you exit the 14 Fwy and head west Palmdale Blvd. becomes Elizabeth Lake Road.

Run this through Mapquest to get specifics:
16000 elizabeth lake road, 93532

Once you're done there, head N on Munz Road (it heads north from the middle of the Lake) up towards the Poppy Preserve. Some amazing displays when you get near Avenue I. Also along Avenue I between the Poppy Preserve and 110th (?) Street W. (I should have taken notes...) Also from 110th Street (or was it 95th?) heading east along maybe Avenue J or K. Hwy 138 looks finished, although there is very strong poppy-orange visible on a hillside near the preserve. I did not go west on 138 past the preserve.

Forecast for tomorrow (Sat.) looks like wind. I wouldn't wait very long: some fields that I shot 12 days ago are already very brown. I also drove the east side of the valley along 138 to Valyermo and there are a few yellow flowers for closeups only. Some of the Joshua trees look very healthy. I personally think they're a better B&W shot than color...