View Full Version : yongnuo yn-560 III question

Tim Meisburger
17-Apr-2014, 16:06
I just bought one (found them on sale for $50) and want to buy a Copal compatible wireless trigger but am unsure which one to get. Anybody out there have one?

17-Apr-2014, 17:46
Any of them will work. I use the Paul Buff Cybersyncs as they're very reliable, and very tough too. I've used them in blizzards, and in temps down to about 40 below zero. You simply use a sync cord that has micro-plug to PC female to hook up transmitter, and attach the receiver to the flash with PC female to miniplug sync cord. Both readily available from www.flashzebra.com

Tim Meisburger
17-Apr-2014, 18:48
Thanks Brassai, but this particular flash has a built in receiver, so I have to use a compatible trigger, and the ones they sell seem to be dedicated to either Nikon or Canon DSLRs. I'm hoping to find someone that has one and is using it with a sync cord (i.e. not hot shoe) for LF.

18-Apr-2014, 05:43
Hmm. This might not work for you. If it's dedicated for Nikon or Canon, that suggests it's compatible with the iTTL system (digital). That's entirely different from what you need. No manual mode on the flash? That would bypass the iTTL. You might have to add a hotshoe that has a PC connection to the base of the flash. Alternately, the trigger for a Nikon/Canon would sit in the camera's hotshoe. To get it to work for you you would need to add a hot shoe adapter to the flash and connect with a sync cord that way. No matter what you do, with a Copal shutter you are going to be using a sync cord to the trigger.

Tim Meisburger
18-Apr-2014, 10:30
Right. Is a manual flash used extensively in the Strobist cult. It has a built in receiver. They make two different triggers for it, one Nikon and one Canon. Both have PC sync cord outlets. I ordered the Nikon.

18-Apr-2014, 15:46
I have a set of the Yongnuo RF-603 triggers (Nikon version). They are not TTL. I think the camera specific linkage is limited to flash "wake up" and ready light. I'm not positive on this, but pretty sure.

I don't have the correct male to male pc cable so I can't test. But I think you'll be OK.

On a related note, the older version of the trigger was rated for 12v, the latest one is higher. But I've used mine (older) with my ancient WL10,000 studio flash, which has a flash sync voltage of 24v, without issue.

Tim Meisburger
18-Apr-2014, 17:59
Thanks HMG. Thats a bit what I expected. I went ahead and ordered a set of the 603s in Nikon, and a sync cord ($2.75 shipped!).

Cheers, Tim

18-Apr-2014, 18:04
I did find a male to male pc cord, though not one that I can categorically state is good.

But it did not work with shutter to trigger via cord and trigger to flash. Flash connected directly to shutter did work. The trigger (when in my Nikon hotshoe) does work. So either the pc connection on the Yongnuo is "output" only or my male to male cord is defective.

Curious to see what you find out with yours.

19-Apr-2014, 03:54

50$ is a bargain for a 560-iii - is the sale still on?

I have the same flash and use the 603s - there is a 602 compatible mode but I am not sure it works right. (I have them too).

I have used the 560s with remote triggering via PC cord and via RF603s as well - with my Toyo and my RB67. Worked wonderfully. No hitches. You just need to get the wireless trigger mode set up right - the icons were initially a bit confusing. :)

Tim Meisburger
19-Apr-2014, 04:43
Nope. I just checked. Said the seller had ended it because the item was no longer available. I think it was a mistake, as previously, and now, I cannot find them for less than $62-65. I jumped on it when I found it as I figured that might be the case.

19-Apr-2014, 06:46
Indoor I usually use an IR trigger, your YN has a photocell and can be triggered this way. If you want a radio trigger, browse for 2.4 GHz one. If I remember correctly, RF602 had its central contact active; RF603 definitely has not.