View Full Version : Win a 4x5 field camera on the APUG site.

James Phillips
8-Oct-2004, 09:14
Hello folks,

I am posting this announcement here so that others may know of the opportunity. If you go to http://www.apug.org/forums/home.php the APUG site and check the forums discussion area, you can obtain all of the details necessary.

The deadline for submissions will be Dec 15th.

Perhaps you know of somebody who would like to enter into the LF realm and may wish to pass on this information to them.

Kind Regards,

8-Oct-2004, 10:17
Had a look. Didn't see anything about it.

Don Wilkes
8-Oct-2004, 10:47
Go here: http://www.apug.org/forums/showthread.php?t=9296

I had to do some rummaging to find it, but it certainly is legit. One of the forum's members is offering a free field camera to whomever writes the best new article (as voted by the forum members). See thread for details.

James Phillips
9-Oct-2004, 08:37
Actually it is I who is offering the camera.

I would like to extend the offer to also include anybody who submits a new article to this site as well will be eligible to win (providing that is acceptable with Tuan). As this is a large format site and I am offering a large format camera, it would seem most appropriate. Should you elect to submit the article here to Tuan, then just ensure that I am aware of that I will place your name on the voting with information to your respective article or submission.

Kind Regards,