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15-Apr-2014, 20:33
Hi folks

Recently I came across a box of Kodak "Sensitized Paper". It was completely sealed in metal container (and inner cardboard box), and on opening the paper seemed to be in good order. I understand it was still in use in the 1940s, so it might be 70-100 years old.

On testing, I discovered that:

1. it's sensitive only to UV light (not tungsten light)

2. exposing it through a neg (making a contact print) in open shade on a sunny day takes about two hours to form an image, and the image is an orange-brown colour (see below)

3. exposing it for less than one second then developing it (in Dektol) give a good, neutral-toned, black and white image (like an ordinary photograph).

I presume it is a chloride paper, but it seems too insensitive to be a practical printing out paper.

I wonder if anyone knows what it might have been used for, its likely age, etc.

I'm also curious about the chemical process involved in printing out. Is the final image elemental silver (seems unlikely)?

Google is unhelpful on this subject.