View Full Version : Use of 100mm Filters on 210mm Super Symmar HM

J. P. Mose
7-Oct-2004, 12:06
I received my 210mm Super Symmar HM from Midwest Photo yesterday. I don't have a 100mm filter, but it appears that the front element would make contact with the filter (similar to the 110mm Super Symmar). Can anyone confirm this before I hunt for a 100mm filter(s)? Thanks.

Michael Kadillak
7-Oct-2004, 15:34
If I had just dropped +/- $2,600 for a 4 1/2 # high performance lens, I would not even try to use a straight screw in filter (I am always concerned about this contact on my wide angles) because the risk is not proportional to the reward. The cost of a set of screw filters aside, I would either have a spacer / expansion ring machined to get away from the possibility that the filter and the lens surface could contact, consider the Lee Filter system or the Tiffan filter/hood system that would be cost effective, simple and achieve indistinguishable results.


Steve Hamley
7-Oct-2004, 15:44
No experience with the 210 HM, but the same issue exists with the 110mm and 150mm SS XL. In my experience, high end filters like Heliopan, B&W, and Singh-Ray have relief built in. Look at the back of the filter and you can usually tell if you'll have potential problem.


Herb Cunningham
9-Oct-2004, 13:58
second the motion on no screw in filters- I had a Rodenstock W 210 mm that required me to buy a 100mm lee adapter. I will gladly part with it for a modest sum since I am trying to get to lighter and lighter gear.

10-Oct-2004, 05:43

We met a few times n Copenhagen, Denmark. I have some very good prices old-stock Olympus filters. There where intially made for the OM 180/2,0 and 350/2,8. Since Olympus stopped their production of this system, we bought all their leftovers...contact if you are interested, then I will got to the basement and see what I have got.

I found a complete, like new Technoflex for you, but it is high prices. You where SO lucky with one you´ve got.