View Full Version : humboldt/arcata

14-Apr-2014, 22:14
Hey all

anyone know any locations around this area?


15-Apr-2014, 04:48
Vaughn might chime in. He was very helpful when I was up there.

Jim Fitzgerald
15-Apr-2014, 06:48
The Redwoods are everywhere! Enjoy!

Jim Noel
15-Apr-2014, 08:48
Are you kidding? When I visit the area I can hardly turn around without seeing an image!

Drew Wiley
15-Apr-2014, 08:52
Two things. First, be aware of how dramatically the contrast of the light can change between fog and non-foggy conditions. Number two: take out a second mortgage on your house so you'll have enough film.

15-Apr-2014, 10:11
Mornings, take US101 north then exit at Moonstone Beach, drive north on Scenic Drive to Luffenholtz Beach. From parking lot climb down to beach. Along drive north along bluffs to Trinidad also other more primitive pullouts with paths down to beaches. Then in Trinidad take State Park Road to parking lot, in morning climb down to beach for scenics of beach surf and Pewetole Island.

15-Apr-2014, 22:04
thanks all