View Full Version : Worth of 4x5 Reversal Films

14-Apr-2014, 09:52
Since I do not shoot reversal films, I'm cleaning my reversal films. I searched eBay, but still do not know how to price them. This is what I have:

sealed box of 50 sheets of 4x5 Ektachrome E100SW, expiration 2000.
sealed box of 50 sheets of 4x5 Ektachrome 64T, do expiration date.
Opened (near full) Velvia RVP 50 4x5, Exp. 2000.
Opened (near full) Provia 100 RDP III 4x5, Exp. 2003.

They have been always pro frozen.

What do you guys think they are worth? I may want to trade them for Tmax or other color negative 4x5 later....

Paul Cunningham
14-Apr-2014, 10:32
Prices are all over the map. Unopened boxes seem to sell for $1-2/sheet. But I've seen them go for a lot less or a lot more.
On Saturday I bought a 50 sheet box of Fuji Provia 100F for $30 (exp. 2006), and was quite happy with that price.

14-Apr-2014, 11:27
If it is only about $1-2 /sheet, then I should try to buy some, not to sell then....
Are they more valuable than B&W and color negative? Or it all depends....

Drew Wiley
14-Apr-2014, 11:33
Unless you plan to shoot this film fairly soon, there is no sense keeping it. It all sounds old enough that you're going to have to take a substantial loss selling it. Just depends on how bad someone wants it.

Brian C. Miller
14-Apr-2014, 11:40
Have you shot a sheet from the opened packs? From what I've seen with old, opened packs is that next to the opening, a 1/2 inch or so can be fogged. I've been shooting some Techpan and Tri-X like this, and I just adjust for the fogged area. (I also got the film for free, though.)

The only thing I can recommend for pricing is stick it on eBay for $1, and let market scarcity decide.

Paul Cunningham
14-Apr-2014, 12:07
Ektachrome is more valuable than B/W with the possible exceptions of Tech Pan and HIE. Also more valuable I would say than Fujichrome. Expiration date is certainly a factor as well.

14-Apr-2014, 12:09
I usually don't buy film that's not sealed since there are usually issues. I would take that velvia and provia off your hands though for $1/sheet.