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6-Oct-2004, 22:28
Hi folks,

This is a continuation of the thread Mare Island access? (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/499647.html) originally posted by Austin Granger and now in the LFPF archives.

In my last post I requested that interested individuals email me regarding the suitability of three dates in November: the 6th, 13th and 20th. In response to that I have received a grand total of 2 emails. Since both individuals would be able to attend on any of the three proposed dates and due to the lack of any other response, I am now ruling out November 13th.

I do not have any other specifics yet. I have spoken with a member of the Mare Island Historic Park Foundation, but won't be able to meet with him to iron out details until this weekend. I can say that there will probably be a per-person charge of $14 which is what they charge for the tour. We would be essentially on a "tour", although one of our own doing. The MIHPF is also interested in use of images for their own promotion. From other photographers in the past they have received promises of prints, but no prints. With that comment there seems to be some skepticism of photographers in general.

Speaking personally, I have no problem with the exchange of limited rights usage of my images for access to their site. However, if you're anything like me, your results may be completely different from your hopes. I would not wish to release any image of mine for any kind of usage unless it's an image with which I'm completely satisfied. And of course, I never really know that until after I've printed it. That makes it kind of hard to barter with images as yet untaken.

I throw this out now as food for thought. Your comments are encouraged and welcome, either publicly on this forum or privately via email. I should have some more information by Sunday evening.


Jorge Gasteazoro
6-Oct-2004, 23:04
William, I disagree with you in the sense that if you promise a print, you send a print, no matter what!!

You see, if the photographers that came before you had followed up on their promise, your access would have been welcome and made easier, since they did not, now you are having a harder time for it.

Of course you want to make sure it is the best you can offer, but in the end, you have to send a print if you offered to send one, at least that is my rule in hopes that photographers that come after me would be given the same consideration and help I was given. Many times I have sent prints I promised and did not even get a "thank you" note back, but in the end, I know if those people who got a print from me are asked once again to allow access to their ...... (fill in blank), they will look more favorable on that request.

7-Oct-2004, 00:40
I haven't promised anybody anything.

7-Oct-2004, 09:27
William, please add me to the list, as per my offline email.

As an amateur, I have no reputation/business/income to protect, so I guarantee to send them some prints, no matter what. As the world becomes more and more photographer-unfriendly, you gotta do what you can to make friends...

Ralph Barker
7-Oct-2004, 10:33
Will - I'm also potentially interested in the tour, as indicated in the e-mail I sent you.

Depending on your thoughts to my e-mailed ideas, and the response of the Mare Island folks, I'd make available any "advance" digital shots for more detailed planning by the main group's participants. In the same vein, I'd make sure that what I'd provide to the Historical Society would be "credited" to the follow-through of the group.

- Ralph

8-Oct-2004, 10:21
I really shouldn't need to say this, but I'm beginning to feel that perhaps it would be prudent to do so. This "Mare Island Outing" is not an organized function and in no way is sanctioned, sponsored or even recognized by the Large Format Photography Forum. Furthermore my own function in all of this is merely to coordinate the approval of the organization responsible for the operation of Mare Island to allow a few individuals reasonable access to the facility for the purpose of photography. I am not "leading" the group; I am just another individual among you. There is no liability assumed by myself or by the Large Format Photography Forum whatsoever. How you approach your visit to Mare Island is up to you exclusively.

Having said that, I will add that the inclusion of children (as has been requested) or other non-photographing family members is entirely your prerogative. I will not set any guidelines since that is beyond my purview or right. However, it is important to understand that Mare Island is an active industrial area with the associated hazards.

I hope that the experience will be enjoyable and yield some good photographs, too.

Terry Hayden
8-Oct-2004, 16:51
Good day all,

I just found this forum recently.

I would be very interested in joining you on an excursion to Mare Island.

I don't think that I've got any restrictions on either of the dates that seem to be
being kicked around.

I'll keep checking this thread and hope to hear the final details soon.

Oh, and on the subject of prints -

While no one would suggest that any of us distribute anything that we are not pleased with, the use that they would likely put these images to would not necessarily require overwhelming artistic merit.

In other words - even if an image is just so-so to us ( as opposed to bad ), they may have a use for it.

Since I make my living on something other than this type of photography, I don't have any "professional" conflicts with the idea.

Just my .02


10-Oct-2004, 22:09
Today I met with Ken Zadwick of the Mare Island Historic Park Foundation. Ken is very receptive to hosting photographers. He obviously cares deeply about the history of the place and the work which the MIHPF is doing is impressive. Their museum is just in the beginning stages, but is very interesting and helps to put a lot of what you see into perspective.

There will be no problem finding photographic subject matter, no matter the time of day and no matter the light. It is everywhere! I took along my little digi-p&s and have created a quick-and-dirty web page at http://wfwhitaker.com/mare/index.htm so that those who have never seen Mare Island may just get some rudimentary idea of what it's about. Those brief snapshots don't even begin to scratch the surface.

Based on what you have said in emails, I am setting the date on November 6th between 10 am and 3 pm, rain or shine. I would like to actually meet before that at 9:30 at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal and we can caravan to the designated meeting point (probably the museum). The ferry terminal is where I took the panoramic photo from. Morning light should be good for photographing across the water. I'll be there well in advance of 9:30 and invite you to do the same, if you like, so you might have time to set up. You won't miss me; I'll be the guy with the 7x17.

From what Ken indicated, this won't be the only opportunity we'll have to photograph at Mare Island. If you think the hours are slim or if you can't make it on November 6th, I have a strong feeling that there will be additional opportunities at a later date. I hope so; it's a very cool place.


Tom Raymondson
11-Oct-2004, 07:22
How's the parking at the ferry terminal?

11-Oct-2004, 10:47
On a Saturday morning, probably excellent.

Merg Ross
11-Oct-2004, 11:01
Good job, Will! I'll see you on the 6th.


austin granger
12-Oct-2004, 12:54
I'm not sure if anyone's still checking this, but I'm in for the 6th.

Looking forward to seeing the faces behind the names!

Steve Nieslony
12-Oct-2004, 19:28

I am planning to make the trip down from Sacramento. See you then!


Mark Howell
17-Oct-2004, 23:49
Will --

I plan to join the Mare Island excursion on Nov 6 (coming down from a few miles further up the foothills than Steve Nieslony).

Thanks for doing the work to make this trip happen.

-- Mark

20-Oct-2004, 13:46
Be seeing you all. CXC

1-Nov-2004, 11:31
I sent emails to those who have expressed interest in Saturday's gathering at Mare Island. In case you're interested, but did not receive an email, we will be meeting at 9:30AM at the Vallejo ferry terminal (http://www.baylinkferry.com/terminal.htm) at 495 Mare Island Way in Vallejo. From there we will caravan across the bridge to Mare Island.

The promenade at the ferry terminal offers a fine view across the water of Mare Island in the morning light. I'll be there well in advance of 9:30, so if you want to come early, too, that's fine.

Our time at Mare Island is officially from 10AM 'til 3PM. The light may just be getting interesting by 3:00, so we'll play it by ear after that.


1-Nov-2004, 12:33
OK, I'll try that link again. Seems the software wanted to incorporate the parentheses.

http://www.baylinkferry.com/terminal.htm (http://www.baylinkferry.com/terminal.htm)

John Kasaian
1-Nov-2004, 12:37
Hey, this is a great opportunity! If you can make it, I know you'll find Mare Island a photographic treasure(could a decaying 150 year old ship yard be anything else?) I can't wait to hear the stories of you fortunate enough to attend. What makes this outing really special is that Will and the Historical foundation are gearing this for LF photographers. During a "normal" tour you'll be fighting the clock and if you go when they open the place up for special events you'll be fighting crowds. Don't miss this chance to explore the visual feast Mare Island has to offer!

David Karp
1-Nov-2004, 14:06
Bill and the gang,

After trying every way we could to get someone to take care of our kids for the weekend, we struck out. We can't make this trip, but hopefully will be able to get up there before it changes too much. Sorry we are not going to meet the gang. It would be nice to meet so many of the people I have been communicating with over the Internet.

Have a great time.

David Karp
1-Nov-2004, 16:10
Sorry, make that "William and the gang"

1-Nov-2004, 16:55
That's OK, Doug.... er, Dave.

Sorry you can't make it, but I'm sure there will be more opportunities in the future.