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13-Apr-2014, 12:05
I am still kind of new to this LF business. I have a problem that has happened to me 3 times so far with different film holders. I was using Arista Edu 400 and recently bought a box of FP+. It is probably coincidence but I had not had this problem until changing film brands. 3 times after shooting my picture, when I try to reinsert the dark slide it "hangs" on the sheet of film and I can't reinsert it. If I persist and push in the slide the slide goes under the film.

I don't know if this is a problem with my film loading technique or with my holders. I have tried to make sure that the film is inserted all the way to the end of the film holder when I load it. Is this a common problem? Could it be related to the film brand (I doubt it), would "tapping" the holder to try to slide the film all the way to the bottom (the opposite end of the hinge) like a pack of cigarettes help?

I appreciate your help.

13-Apr-2014, 12:18
Hi, and welcome aboard.

It's a problem with how the film is loaded into the holder. It's not under the retaining ridges on both sides.

This problem is fairly common.

Everybody has a different method of loading holders. Mine is:
1) Grasp the holder with thumb and little finger, loading gate to the right and held open as needed.
2) Introduce the film to the end of the septum, angled down at about a 45-degree angle.
3) Use the forefinger and middle finger to guide the two corners of the film down against the holder.
4) Push the film into the septum while using those fingers to ensure that it goes under the ridges.

When fully inserted, close the loading gate and insert the dark slide.

I always use gloves when loading holders, preferably lintless cotton ones.

- Leigh

13-Apr-2014, 13:01
Ha! When my budget for photography was paper route money I remember this well. I had just gotten a baby Speed Graphic, and I was very excited. It took me awhile to learn to load those little 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 holders properly. I made this mistake a bunch of times! The disappointments quickly taught me how to load holders though. Have fun, you'll get everything right soon enough

13-Apr-2014, 15:32
In addition to the above, I test it after insertion if I have a question. If the film is in the slot correctly on both sides you can run your fingernail up the slot on both sides (this may leave a mark on the film, but it is outside the image area). If the film is not in on one side you can tell that you need to take it out re-load it.

13-Apr-2014, 17:27
Thanks everyone.

Will continue paying my tribute to the film gods and try to avoid their wrath!!

John Koehrer
13-Apr-2014, 19:11
Thanks everyone.

Will continue paying my tribute to the film gods and try to avoid their wrath!!

A blood sacrifice sometimes helps.

Roger Thoms
13-Apr-2014, 21:07
Lot of good advice so far. Sound like you ruined a few sheets of film. You may want to use the ruined film to practice loading your film holders and fine tune your technique.