View Full Version : Anyone have travel tips, or locations not to miss in Norway

11-Apr-2014, 12:36
Going to Norway in Sept, and we are driving to length of the country along the coast.
Anybody have any good locations or towns not to miss.


16-Apr-2014, 04:01
I will not be revealing any secret knowledge by recommending the Lofoten islands.
But the rest of the country is spectacular too. Take twice as much film as you think you'll need.


17-Apr-2014, 05:56
i'll put it on my list !


Richard Johnson
17-Apr-2014, 10:44
I'm sure this place is well known and often photographed but the sheer scale of it never fails to impress me, on the scale of Yosemite:


Matthew is a heck of a photographer too BTW.

18-Apr-2014, 06:47
yes, i have this location on my list too, wow what a view from the top !


Arne Croell
31-May-2014, 02:48
I'll second Christoph, the Lofoten islands and its neighbors, the Vesterålen islands, are awesome. Here are two images I took there: http://www.arnecroell.com/p734190143. The weather is of course quite variable, here is a comparison pic from April 2013 in the Lofoten: http://www.arnecroell.com/p131787813/h3e637abd#h3e637abd: Late Afternoon of the first day on top (getting there from Kiruna, Sweden involved driving in near whiteout conditions) and the morning after on the bottom. Also check out the Raftsund on the Lofoten, and an afternoon boat trip to the Trollfjord there might be interesting (although boats and LF usually don't mix). Nearly all of the Lofoten and Vesterålen are accessible through bridges and tunnels, though, a ferry is rarely needed.
And be prepared for sticker shock for pretty much everything. Norway makes Sweden look positively cheap..

31-May-2014, 12:03
Thanks, looks good, will put it on the list.

2-Jun-2014, 08:21
If you are traveling the length of the country, the Tromso area is not to be missed, especially in the summer.
I spent two summers there in 2000-2001 and was always blown away by the friendliness of the people and, of course, the spectacular landscapes.
If you're into music at all, there's a very special music festival, kind of a circumpolar event, called Riddu Riddu.
This is all pretty far north, though, I don't know how far you intend to travel; it's a looooong country.

Leszek Vogt
2-Jun-2014, 20:07
Lucky doug.