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Michael Graves
11-Apr-2014, 05:30
Anything I should put on my DO NOT MISS list? Will have the 5x7 and 24 film holders along with the 4x5 back and another 24 film holders. Film should be no problem.

Simon Benton
11-Apr-2014, 07:36
If you are in Charlottetown make sure to visit the Gahan House pub for fish and chips and The Brickhouse (directly opposite) for lobster poutine. Driving around the coast will provide many opportunities for photographs and the snow will all be melted and spring well on the way by late May. I will be there in late April and mid August. Contact the PEI tourist board for some excellent guide books and have fun. I have a daughter in Charlottetown who is in Vet school there and I use every excuse to go visit.

Michael Graves
11-Apr-2014, 11:22
Thank you, Simon! I LOVE fish and chips. So the Gahan house is definitely on the menu. What the heck is lobster poutine? I have a daughter too. She's going with me. Her interest is primarily in the coastal areas. I'm a big architecture buff and I like landscapes.

Simon Benton
13-Apr-2014, 05:21
Lobster poutine consists of small lobster chunks in a lobster sauce poured over gourmet French fries with cheese curds mixed in and is a derivation of a classic Quebec recipe. It is very rich and quite delicious and I order only the half size portion which in reality is not much smaller the full size order.

Worth visiting the oyster beds in the Malpeque area and dotted around the coast are mussel farms which can provide some interesting water scenes if the light is right. Also on the coast watch for fields that can go sweeping down to the shore and again with the right light provides some potential photographs. Charlottetown itself has many heritage buildings which also provide some photographic opportunities. On the Northumberland Straits shore are many sand dunes and beautiful white sand beaches and is a very popular spot for horses riding in the sea. Great potential here if you time it right.

13-Apr-2014, 19:13
Your daughter may enjoy the Woodleigh Replicas, near Kensington. Most young ladies also enjoy anything "Anne" related.

Michael Graves
15-Apr-2014, 04:52
...lobster sauce poured over gourmet French fries with cheese curds mixed in...

Okay. That sounds delicious. Gotta try! My daughter has already expressed an interest in the oyster beds, but I had been somewhat reticent. But maybe I'll reconsider after all. Not only is she an excellent nagger, but you even make it sound interesting, Simon!

Danno...what do you mean by "Anne related"?

15-Apr-2014, 06:53
Danno...what do you mean by "Anne related"?
Michael, I was referring to "Anne of Green Gables", the first of a series of books about a young red-headed girl.

These were written on, and about, PEI, and there are a lot of tourist sites related to the stories. Look up "Cavendish", for the "Green Gables" farm.

My daughters were nuts about the "Anne" stories when they were young, and we visited several of the PEI landmarks several times through the years.

Michael Graves
15-Apr-2014, 09:27
Really! Amanda loved those books. I wonder if she knows we're visiting her home? Guess I'll have to tell her. That might become the theme for the trip.

Nathan Potter
15-Apr-2014, 09:46
Cavendish is along the north shore of PEI near the center of the island. For many nice scenes follow that road all along the north shore at the center and east end of the island and you'll find many images of fishing villages. I like French River Village from the overlook above the village on the north side of the road. View below:

https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3739/12472784254_ef5f3f12f6_c.jpg (https://www.flickr.com/photos/argiolus/12472784254/)
45MA01-14[F1 (https://www.flickr.com/photos/argiolus/12472784254/) by hypolimnas (https://www.flickr.com/people/argiolus/), on Flickr

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Michael Graves
28-May-2014, 11:50
Thanks to everyone for the tips. I had the PEI mussels, but not the poutine. Couldn't find any (darn it!). It rained pretty much the whole time I was there, but I still managed to get some shots. Having a daughter along who can hold the umbrella while you shoot is very handy. Once I have time to develop the film, I'll decided if there are any sufficiently non-embarrassing to posts.

Andrew O'Neill
28-May-2014, 14:42
I had the PEI mussels, but not the poutine. Couldn't find any (darn it!)

Don't worry. Your arteries are thanking you!