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10-Apr-2014, 16:08
For those of you in the Wehman club (and you know who you are) - there is what looks to be an early version Wehman 8x10 camera on the auction site. I would appreciate your thoughts about that particular camera - build, condition, asking price, and etc.

Thanks in advance!

10-Apr-2014, 16:12
There was a thread here last month about that same camera.

Alan Gales
10-Apr-2014, 20:47
I own a later model Wehman with the upgraded front standard. I have no experience with the earlier version. I do know that the later models bring a little more money than the early ones.

Lately I have seen some very clean late model Wehmans go for right at $2,000.00. The light versions with all the holes in them go for a little more. Check out the Wehman site if you don't know what the light version is like.

I really like my Wehman and am very happy with it.