View Full Version : A rather large lens

Charles Forde
5-Oct-2004, 15:56
Where can I get a lens board and shutter for this? :) http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3842947706&category=30076

Brian Vuillemenot
5-Oct-2004, 16:20
I wonder what's the image circle on that monster...

Ernest Purdum
5-Oct-2004, 17:22
No problem. I can arrange for you to get a lensboard just as soon as the carpenters are finished with the framing of the new house down the street.

By the look of the rear of the lens, you should be able to hang a big shutter back there. Your only problem will be figuring out how to work the shutter from outside the camera.

5-Oct-2004, 18:08
Mount the thing on the side of a bread truck and place the negative against the opposite wall, or perhaps in the roof for sky photographs.

5-Oct-2004, 19:01
You'd think shipping would be free with that starting price-)

Kevin Kemner
5-Oct-2004, 21:55
Dude! Did anyone notice the f stop? 0.75!!! Eat my dust Leica Noctilux!!! No more two hour exposures at f128! Ok, maybe thats over the top, I wonder what the coverage is? It would be kind of sad if were only 4x5. ;-)

tor kviljo
6-Oct-2004, 06:26
What on eart to use it for if You found a shutter.... I remember reading about the spectacular speed lenses from Oude Delf in Netherland in old 1970 issues of "modern Phototechnik". The lenses mentioned here (f 0.7) were used for "restlichtverstärker" use, i.e. as relay lens for early night-vision devises. But also pictured were a weired combo of a Pentax 6x7 (I think) with an enormous 0.7 Oude Delf lens fitted. Probably made in low number and thats a good thing for today it's probably veeeery useless for anything but doorstopper... I bought a 300mm f 3 - 3 lens air-spaced & coated projection lens, also very expensive when new - at less than $$ 30 or so from SurplusShed - still havn't found anything to use it for - will swap it for a box of 4"x5" anytime....

9-Oct-2004, 07:25
Why, I'd use it on a really big camera, of course. Why do you think they make rolls of 40" wide ortho film, if not to use in a giant camera????