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Tom Westbrook
5-Oct-2004, 13:33
I've added a RSS feed to the Forum (see little icon in the upper right). Some may be familiar with what this is, but if you aren't, read on.

RSS feeds are a unobtursive way for users to recieve the latest updates to the forum. You need to use special software to read a RSS feed, but those can be found by clicking on the 'About RSS' link at the top of the page next to the RSS icon and locating a reader compatible with your computer operating system. I've been using FeedReader on my Windows laptop and that works well, if you're looking for a recommendation (it's freeware, too).

One could use this feed as an alternative to getting emails of all the forum posts. It doesn't update exactly in real time, but you can configure your reader to update as often as every five minutes (for FeedReader, at least), which is probably often enough.

Try it and let em know if you find problems.

Tom Westbrook
5-Oct-2004, 13:43
Oh, the URL to the RSS feed is http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/rss.php

You can also find that any time by clicking on the RSS icon at the top of all the Forum pages (just in case it changes for some reason).

N Gray
8-Oct-2004, 09:08
Very nice. Thanks for setting this up. I'll be more up to date now than ever!

Larry Gebhardt
11-Oct-2004, 11:18
The XML generated seems to be invalid (contains an &). Has anyone gotten this to work?

Tom Westbrook
11-Oct-2004, 15:42
The '&' in your post above was translated into '&' properly. If you still have the XML file or, minimally, a reference to a post that generated the error, that would be helpful. The reader I'm using (FeedReader) doesn't seem to be having any issues with the XML. If you want you can email me and we can try to diagnose the problem off-line.

Larry Gebhardt
11-Oct-2004, 17:56
Tom, it appears to be working now - no parsing errors. Unfortunately I did not save a copy of the error, but I will it it happens again.


Tom Westbrook
11-Oct-2004, 19:00
Actually, I did some further looking and found some quotes/apostrophes that were'nt properly translated and fixed the problem. Maybe that was why it wasn't working. Hopefully we're good to go now.

Thanks for the report.