View Full Version : Problem with different threads for filters, please help

9-Apr-2014, 07:51
Hi folks!

After discussing this in another thread, I have decided to use 105mm Polarizer and other filters in front of my 75mm SA with the centerfilter. I ordered a Heliopan step up ring from 86x1 to 105x1 to use all the other filters in 105mm size and prevent vignetting.

I also wanted to use the Cokin X-Pro System because it has an 105mm adaptor-ring, but this is 105x0,75. Why the.... is it 0,75??? I donīt think this will fit neither the heliopan Step up ring nor any Heliopan or BW 105mm grey- or yellowfilter.

Any help??? Any suggestions? What can I do?

9-Apr-2014, 16:31
The CX405B adapter ring has a 1,00mm thread.
The CX405 adapter ring has a 0,75mm thread.


- Leigh

10-Apr-2014, 09:16
Thank you very much, didnīt know that. But could you tell me a shop where to find it and that delivers to europe???

10-Apr-2014, 15:01
Sorry. I'm afraid I know nothing about Cokin or dealers that ship to Europe.

B&H Photo in New York might ship to Europe. Here's a link to their page for the CX405B adapter:

- Leigh