View Full Version : Voiglander Heliar 21cm disassembly

9-Apr-2014, 04:31
Hi everybody.

Ive just bought a Voigtlander Heliar 21cm in Compound III shutter. Accordind its serial number was made about 1953 and it is coated. Iíve tried to unscrew the cells to clean them. The rear cell unscrew easily, but the front cell looks blocked, and I canít take it apart.

Searching the web Iíve found a casual reference that there is a screw that secures the cell and prevents to take it apart, without giving more details.

Is that correct? If that is the case, where it is located?

In any case, is there a safe way to unscrew the cell without damagin it?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you in advance,


Arne Croell
10-Apr-2014, 14:30
The postwar Heliars/Compound III's I know have no set screw - I just checked a 21cm Heliar of mine (1951) and both cells unscrew easily. The cell is probably just stuck in there. Try one of those rubber pads for unscrewing jar lids, but use it a little differently: Put the rubber pad on a table, press the front lens rim onto it and try to turn the shutter to unscrew.

Emil Schildt
11-Apr-2014, 05:21
I have a beautiful 30cm Heliar in a shutter and here I find it impossible to unscrew the front cell too... It might be possible, but I am not the one to try...