View Full Version : Non-coated (uncoated?) enlarging/repro lens options no more than 60mm (more details)

9-Apr-2014, 00:20
Hi everyone,

Looking for advice on an enlarging/repro lens and I have a few requirements:

1. Focal length must be around 60mm or shorter.

2. Must have no coatings (or have broadband coatings that have at least 70% relative transmission at 1000nm).

3. Best if decent at distances close to infinity.

4. Image circle at 1:1 should be at least 87mm (I.e. 43.5mm at inf)

That's really all I'm after for now. If there are too many options that satisfy 1-4 then shorter lenses or wider AOV lenses are preferred. Mounts and things are not a concern.

Many thanks, in advance.


Roger Hesketh
9-Apr-2014, 01:47
How about a prewar Dallmeyer or T.T.& H. enlarger lens. Must be loads of them floating around your part of the world.

9-Apr-2014, 02:54
Thanks Roger... started looking them up. I'll be relying mostly on online (international, as there aren't many local) options.

Couldn't find any Adotals but there are a few Apotals around but nothing in the focal lengths I'm looking for. Entals were a better bet but south of 60, I only found a 50/3.5 (Ental II) and it's in bad shape. So I guess I will keep looking. While looking for TTH lenses, I also came across 2"/2 Amotals for Leicas but they're in the $1500 range, and I don't want to spend that much when there might be other options.

Hope to hear about more options from everyone...


Carsten Wolff
9-Apr-2014, 06:09
The old chrome 55mm f3.5 Micro-Nikkor-P, if used on bellows, rather than with their helix, to maintain image circle, is rather nice in IR, even to 1000nm and does 86mm with ease. It is single coated though.