View Full Version : Network issues

Tom Westbrook
5-Oct-2004, 09:13
Just wanted to let everyone know that our server administrator has let us know that there are some external network issues going on today that have affected, and perhaps will again affect, accessibility to this and other internet sites. So, if you can't access the forum, just wait a bit and try again (which is what you'd do anyway, no?).

Ralph Barker
5-Oct-2004, 11:03
Thanks for the heads-up, Tom.

Lack of access to the LFPF causes panic attacks. ;-)

Tom Westbrook
5-Oct-2004, 11:52
Why, Ralph, don't you have the Official LaFoPhoFo (?!) Anti-Hyperventilation Bag-Bellows™? Comes in real handy for those moments.

Jim Rice
5-Oct-2004, 12:50
Will a Wisner bag bellows do? I hope i don't hurl into it.