View Full Version : Vikane Gas Extermination,Effect Film Paper Lenses?

Andre Noble
4-Oct-2004, 22:01

My Bldg. owner is said to be planning a tenting and fumigation for termites. I am concerned about this gas's effects on my refridgerated films, unrefridgerated B&W papers, and lenses/coatings, and film chemistries throughout my apartment.

Does anyone know of any adverse effects I should be concerened about in reality on the above?


Andre Noble
4-Oct-2004, 22:09
PS, they may or may not add in the 'tear gas' precursor as deterent.

Diane Maher
5-Oct-2004, 06:50
No, I don't know of any adverse effects, but if you are concerned, then maybe you could put your unrefrigerated film in plastic bags/trash bags and when the whole thing is done, remove and dispose of the bags. Same with the chemicals. It won't hurt them to be covered for a short period. If you have camera bags, then put your lenses in them and wrap them in plastic too. Or just remove them from the premises during the operation (I don't know how long it takes or how much gear you are talking about either.)

David Karp
5-Oct-2004, 08:47

When our house was fumigated the extermination company gave us special non-permeable bags to put food and other items in. My memory is that these were specially made for protecting items from the fumigation. Perhaps you can get these from the company that will be doing the work at your building.

Sorry, I can't remember what we did with our film.

Hope this helps.

james mickelson
5-Oct-2004, 18:04
Nothing happened to my equipment, materials, or negatives when I had my house fumigated with Vikane. I left all of the stuff exposed in my darkroom and found no ill effects at all.

Andre Noble
6-Oct-2004, 14:06
O.K. I'll take it into consideration. Doesn't sound as bad as I thought. Thank you all.