View Full Version : 240 f9 G-claron/copal press#1

ronald lamarsh
4-Oct-2004, 19:25
I have heard unofficialy that a 240 f9 g-claron is a drop-in fit in a copal #1. I have found that mine screws directly into my copal press#1 but will the element spacing be right? Is there a problem with using a copal press#1? I had it laying around and would rather use it than get a new shutter given the cost.

Jim Galli
4-Oct-2004, 19:44
It'll work fine. It's a good practice to measure with a good caliper both in the barrel and then compare in the shutter.

ronald lamarsh
4-Oct-2004, 20:17
Thanks jim I'm sending it off tomorrow to have the f stop scale engraved, don't own a caliper but I'm sure SK Grimes will check it as I have requested. Also does anyone out there have a use for a 380mm rodenstock rotelar? Its in a focus mount and no iris but it is an f5.6 lens! Its heavy! doesn't seem to quite cover 11x14.