View Full Version : Linhof Rollex

Kevin Oke
4-Aug-1999, 13:14
I've ended up with a Rollex 6x9 back with a Tech III purchased recently. What's the difference between this Rollex back and all the Super Rollex backs? Doesn' t matter much as I'll probably never use it but I've always wondered.


Bob Salomon
4-Aug-1999, 19:21
The easiest way to tell the difference is that the Rollex is knob wound and the Super Rollex is lever wound.

The inserts are not interchangeable between Rollex and Super Rollex backs as they are also a different shape.

There have been several versions of the Super Rollex. The current ones, like the Rollex ones are black, Earlier Super Rollex backs were grey or tan. The earliest ones have a jointed tip on the lever. later ones have a solid lever.