View Full Version : Hoya X1 green filter vs. #58 green

Harley Goldman
6-Apr-2014, 07:26
Are these more or less equivalent filters? Both seem to be dark green. I plan on using a green in Utah's red rock country. I have the X1. Discussions here always refer to the #58. They look like they would accomplish the same thing, but thought I would ask the experts.


David Karp
6-Apr-2014, 07:53
Not an expert, but I have a little practical experience. It will work fine. I used an X0 filter there and it worked, with slightly less drama.

6-Apr-2014, 08:06
The Hoya website has a page for the X1 which includes a small graph with a transmission curve.


The Kodak website has a page for all their Wratten filters. If you scroll down a bit, you can download the density curve for the #58. This curve is a bit tricky because it's the inverse of a transmission curve, so it's upside down compared to the Hoya curve. The slope of the Hoya curve is not as steep as the Wratten 58, but otherwise is similar. The Wratten 58 also transmits in the IR.


Doremus Scudder
6-Apr-2014, 09:51
The X1 filter is equivalent to a Wratten 11, described as "yellow-green." A #58 filter is stronger with a much sharper cut off; it is the filter for use in color separation work and eliminates both blue and red.

A #11 (X1) will not give quite the pronounced effect as a #58, but may be more than adequate to darken reds and oranges a bit and give you more contrast with red rocks in the SW.