View Full Version : converting LF enlarger lenses for shutter use?

5-Apr-2014, 14:37
I am sure this has been discussed before but i am unable to find specific info.

Is it possible to covert an existing enlarger lens (like a rodagon 360) to use in any standard size shutter?
If threads are needed, is it possible that the diaphragm section an enlarging lens would be the same length (or distance) between the front and rear groups would be the same as a shutter would be, and if not is it possible to overcome this?

Of course i know the lenses can be used with a shutter outside the lens (or behind it), but asking about a shutter in lens setup.

Francisco J. Fernández
5-Apr-2014, 14:54
If it is possible, but it is easier with a Componon that a Rodagon. The reason is that many lens Rodagon focale lead lengths front element and the subject is very complex disassembly.

For the rest enlarger lenses (Componon in my case) have the same standard thread than their LF.

I have mounted a series of enlarger lensesr Componon in shutter nº 0 and nº 1 and nº 3

manufacturing even sold lens Componon-S (and APO Componon) series with shutter build in (I such frame an Componon 100 mm, and 150 mm and 210 mm in Shutter Prontor Press).

There are few M-Componon optical lenses that are really macro and specifically one of those series is mounted on shutters, but about them and not with them within




Ken Lee
5-Apr-2014, 14:56
You might find this helpful... Front-Mounting a Vintage Barrel Lens into a Classic Shutter (http://www.kenleegallery.com/html/lenses/#Alphax)

... and this too: The Sinar Copal Shutter and Barrel-Mounted Lenses (http://www.kenleegallery.com/html/lenses/#Shutter)

Dan Fromm
5-Apr-2014, 15:14
OP, it depends on the lens. Which lens(es) do you have in mind?

5-Apr-2014, 15:38
I guess the redagon is now off the table.
I was looking at 300mm and 360mm but 150 apo componon s is also interesting :)

5-Apr-2014, 19:57
It would need to be a big shutter for a 360 APO Rodagon, I measured the front cell threads at about 3 3/8".

5-Apr-2014, 20:13
really??? That wide. I guess a copal 3 which is what i had in mind is out of the question. Its hard to gauge just how large those lenses until you have one in your hand.
I guess symmar S it will be....