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4-Apr-2014, 22:40
I got my hands on two boxes of Polaroid 55 film (expired 2007). I have never used Polaroid film before and don't want to stuff it up. I have the 545 Film Holder.

I've tried to find an example of a workflow with this film but without success. Any tips would be much appreciated especially about the developing/hypoclearing/fixing stages.

5-Apr-2014, 05:30
It all happens in the holder. clear the film in a sodium sulfite bath per the instructions and you'll be fine.

Fred L
5-Apr-2014, 05:51
clean the rollers well before using. they should move easily and check the rubber squeegee type thing beside the rollers while yer at it.

also decide beforehand if you want a properly exposed print or negative. A good neg = overexposed print

5-Apr-2014, 11:21
See if you can get hold of Ansel Adams' Polaroid Land Photography. This copy does have a dust jacket, but the price is very high.


A quick search of eBay comes up with this list:



5-Apr-2014, 12:20
This video shows how the process works.


5-Apr-2014, 18:25
I got my hands on two boxes of Polaroid 55 film (expired 2007).

You lucky dog !

That's a relatively good date. Hopefully the pods are good.
But remember, if all else fails, you can always develop the film ( negative) in a traditional manner.

Have fun and good luck !


10-Apr-2014, 10:03
Don't forget, shoot for the negative at 25 ISO.

Get some Kodak hypo clearing agent to clear the negative.

You can do this in a shallow bowl or Tupperware until the blueish stuff dissipates, wash for a while and hang to dry.

Follow the timing and temperature instructions on the envelope.

Practice the smooth pull of the envelope through the rollers on less worthy or spent film.

An instant luscious B & W negative is pretty much what makes this film so special.

10-Apr-2014, 18:53
And don't forget to support the New55 Kickstarter!

11-Apr-2014, 00:10
Thanks team. Once I get some hypoclear I'll give it a go. Exciting times.