View Full Version : rodenstock-eurygon 1:4 F=35mm lens conversion question

3-Apr-2014, 20:41
Hey Guys,

please don't flame me too much, merely on a search for fun/beautiful photo fun.
I recently acquired a "rodenstock-eurygon 1:4 F=35mm" enlarger lens. I've been trying to find methods of conversion to nikon f mount- however i can't seem to find any "how to"s

without treating me like too much of an idiot newb, can you guys either school me why it won't work and is pointless, or show me the way to get the right tools to make it work?

Thank you so much.

3-Apr-2014, 23:09
I'm not familiar with this particular lens but when I mount lenses to my Nikon or Mamiya 645 camera, then I start with putting the lens on a helicoid that matches the camera body. There are helicoids out there that fit the Nikon f-mount.

You might have a challenge focusing this particular lens at infinity as the focal distance is shorter than the film plane to lens mount distance.


Francisco J. Fernández
3-Apr-2014, 23:33
hello, there are several ways of adaptingone Eurygon (or other enlarger lens) lens to a Nikon F mount.

First you should know that thread has its lens (there are only 2 possibilities, one is M-39 mm in diameter and the other oldest of M-32, 5mm or RMS the same as typical microscope objectives).

in both cases there is a single thread adapter to another universal thread called M-42 mount.

Then there is another thread adapter M-42 bayonet that lets you use Nikon lens with 2 adapters on a Nikon body. (M-39 + M-42 to Nikon F) (or M-32,5+M-42 to Nikon F)

Here you can find and ask all those adapters


But, if you need not spend money. You can drill a hole in a body cap and Nikon do so right hole to put the threaded lens so just does not come off. If you doubt that you can put down some glue from behind to secure fixation.

Carsten Wolff
4-Apr-2014, 00:40
Whatever you do, it'll only ever be a macro-lens on an SLR; only longer lenses should do infinity due to the aforementioned registration distance issue. Anyway, glue it onto a body cap, as suggested, and perhaps put it in front of macro bellows. It is likely to function pretty well in that set-up.

Bob Salomon
4-Apr-2014, 03:25
You need a Rodenstock Modular Helical Focus Adapter, A Rodenstock Nikon Adapter for the Modular Focus and a 39mm Rodenstock Adapter for the front of the Modular Focus.

Dan Fromm
4-Apr-2014, 04:03
The 35/4 Eurygon was sold for the Polaroid MP-3 system. Its made to screw into the front of a #1 shutter. Its mount threads are M40x0.75, not M39x26 tpi.

For a slight fee a machine shop can make a bushing threaded female M40x0.75 (to accept the lens) and male M42x0.75 (to screw into a t-mount adapter). Then you'll need a t-mount-to-Nikon adapter.

When you're done, as has already been mentioned you'll have a mediocre short focal length lens that can be used only for photomacrography on a Nikon. You'd be much better off with a reversed 55/2.8 (or /3.5, some say the /3.5 is better in this application) MicroNikkor AIS.