View Full Version : Unwanted/Expired 4x5 Colour Film Wanted

3-Apr-2014, 13:14
Hi everyone,
I'm just starting off in 4x5 and after taking some B&W shots I would really love to try shooting in colour. The problem is, colour film is so expensive to experiment with so if anyone (ideally in the UK/Europe) has any unused or expired colour film (preferably Provia, Ektar or Portra) that they could to sell to me (or maybe even give to me!) for around 1-2/$1.50-3 per sheet that would be fantastic.

Dan Dozer
3-Apr-2014, 16:10
Hi Rowan,

I'm in the US, but if I can figure out how to get 9 sheets of Velvia 100F (expired 2006) and 10 sheets of Ektachrome E100VS (expired 2002) in an envelope small/thin enough to keep the post office people happy, the postage will be under 10$ I think. Let me do some checking and if I can get it figured out, I'll get back to you.


3-Apr-2014, 16:49
Great, thanks

Pete Watkins
4-Apr-2014, 00:05
I've got some Velvia 50 in the freezer. It's out of date but it has been frozen since I bought it.
I'll pm you later.