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Jim Becia
3-Apr-2014, 07:02
Just saw this on Kickstarter and have no connection to it, but I thought some of you might be interested. The gentleman certainly seems to have a nice eye, and from what I see of his work, it certainly looks very nice. His examples of the knives, forks, and spoons is well done. Those of you who know more about this process can probably shed more light on his program, but to me, it looks interesting. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/104408713/the-really-big-camera-project?ref=discovery

3-Apr-2014, 07:50
Seems like an interesting concept in dire need of a better introductory video...

3-Apr-2014, 10:17
OMG, another guy that wants the public to fund his playing with Ultra large format wetplate. Sorry, but I can't think of any reason to give someone $30,000 for:

"I have the camera and one lens, ready to go. I need the underlying infrastructure to make it work.

I'm seeking funding to develop this body of work in studio around two ongoing themes as represented in previous work, anthropomorphia, our idea and belief that we are the central character of all of life, and numina, the possibilities around the existence of something bigger than this central character we've created. The first Anthropomorphia series represented the divine feminine, dynamic and creative, the source of all life. Future installments would include the examination of feral male energy, and the relationship of gender to expressions of personal power. Numina is the exploration of the world of spirit. that larger aspect of ourselves expressing itself as pure potential.

The other aspect of this project, to shoot on location, involves building a portable darkroom, as the process requires immediate development after exposure, and a rail mount system to move the 16X16" camera along a horizontal plane to create multiple plate panoramic shots that evoke a sense of the mystery of place. the images are evocative and haunting, invoking your curiosity to step into a place where the idea of time is suspended. Imagine 4 to 10 plates running side by side horizontally to create these single images. an example of these multiple plates is realized in "forkknifespoon". with 16X16" plates this image would run approx 16X64."

HUH???! Someone is giving him a years salary to "explore anthromorphia....examine feral male energy....build a darkroom...." No chance I'd help some wack like this.

Andrew O'Neill
3-Apr-2014, 10:28
A wee bit harsh, Garrett? His video may be weak but I think his project is pretty solid.

3-Apr-2014, 10:48
Sorry....having a bad week. I usually follow the "if you've got nothing good to say, say nothing at all" method.

Kerik Kouklis
3-Apr-2014, 12:24
Well, more power to him for putting himself out there with his hand out, but...

"i've been doing wetplate for more than two years now. i've mastered the technique and everything is in place to produce images to a standard, so i don't foresee any complications arising with the process."

From what I've seen, I'm not convinced. But I hope he finds an audience who supports what he wants to do.

Brian C. Miller
3-Apr-2014, 12:28
I thought it was interesting until I read the rewards. You don't get a plate for supporting him! Not even a small one.

3-Apr-2014, 13:40
I feel your pain, Garrett. Some Kickstarter projects sound like this to me:

"I really need a new car to get back and forth to work but can't afford one right now. With a new car my work life will improve, I'll make more money and be a happier person. If I achieve my goal of buying this car I'll be able to contribute to society, pay more taxes and give back to the community.

If you back me at the $25 level I'll send you a note of thanks. If you support me at the $100 level I'll put a piece of paper with your name on it in the glove box. If you support me at the $500 level I'll give you a ride in my new car."

I'm all for being charitable, but just because a person wants an art project funded doesn't make it any more or less deserving than other, more pedestrian needs. Best of luck to Mr. Kenney, though. His work is engaging, and I hope he manages to realize his goal via Kickstarter or other means.


3-Apr-2014, 13:43
but just because a person wants an art project funded doesn't make it any more or less deserving than other, more pedestrian needs.
Sure it does - he is out there telling you about what he wants to do and asking for funding.
I agree his rewards are poor, but that is not to say his project is a bad idea.
Is his funding goal realistic? i dont think so. Do i support any artists that says - this is what i would do if i could? yes.

3-Apr-2014, 17:09
Sorry, my disapproval is not about his video, or his need for funding, or being a starving artist, or the kickback rewards.

His plan, vision, and experience to back it are sorely lacking and/or something I don't agree with. To me. It's a project with an agenda I don't like the sound of (feral male energy, etc.), being hawked with a lot of highbrow sounding language. Sounds like someone who just got a degree and wants to snow people with fancy words. Buy it if you want. I don't buy it.

3-Apr-2014, 18:47
Honestly, i was not really listening to his rant. He does sure seem old to be someone who just got a degree. His website bio says nothing about a formal education at all, so i think he is more of self taught kind of guy.

Jim Fitzgerald
3-Apr-2014, 19:15
Hey, other photographers have done these kickstarter things and have gotten away with it. Why not? Several here have asked to fund projects and we have donated to it. I think it is more about how popular you are along with a good idea. If you can get people to give you money for a project why not? More power to you. I agree though, no way.

4-Apr-2014, 05:17
There's no way this guy will achieve the goal, so it's not even really worth talking about, in addition to the reasons already mentioned.