View Full Version : Dallmeyer 3A and 3B Lens coverage

2-Apr-2014, 15:43

I obviously have access to Dallmeyer's specs on these lenses, but I frequently see ebay ads claiming all kinds of "portrait coverages" that are far in excess of Dallmeyer's specs.

How large of a plate do the 3A and 3B lenses (I recently picked up both) actually cover in practice for a head and shoulders portrait ?



A collector and researcher (not a user) of these brass beauties.

2-Apr-2014, 16:23
I use my 3a for 8x10 and think the 16 inch focal length is ideal for this. I tried a head and shoulders portrait on 11x14 and although the 3a covered her nose was soft and slightly enlarged. I didn't like the effect. I have seen 8x10 head and shoulder shots with a 3b and didn't really like them for the same reason. the 3b is much more of a whole plate and 5x7 image maker for close up shots with the 11 inch Focal length. IMO. focal length is very important despite the fact that people are trying to push these lenses way beyond the dimensions they were designed for. (once again just my opinion) They are still fantastic lenses. Heres an 8x10 head and shoulders WPC with a Dallmeyer 3a By far my favorite 8x10 lens.