View Full Version : Epson 3800 problem

2-Apr-2014, 13:25
I have an Epson 3800 printer and I keep getting this ink stain in the same spot on 16x20 prints. I've run a "power cleaning" and it keeps happening.It's in the same spot every time.it does seem to be getting smaller but I'm also wasting expensive paper plus ink. what's up?

Greg Miller
2-Apr-2014, 15:28
Try setting the platen gap to a wider setting. I'm assuming you are using a heavy weight paper.

Andrew O'Neill
2-Apr-2014, 18:36
Check the the pad where the nozzles sit over when the printer is at rest. If you cannot see the metal meshing, it needs to be cleaned (paper towel and windex). I had the same problem when printing digital negatives. Cleaning that pad solved it.

Doug Fisher
3-Apr-2014, 08:01
There is a video on YouTube that a quick search will find if you don't know how to use Windex to clean the capping station/parking pad.