View Full Version : Toyo 23g view camera

Ron Spencer
3-Oct-2004, 14:33
Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find a Toyo 23G view camera? I appreciate any help in finding one.

Thank you, Ron Spencer

Rick Heitman
3-Oct-2004, 15:44
I had a toyo G and just sold it. If a 23 is the same thing let me know. I have a 2004 toyo GX and it is a complete system that I would work a deal with you. If a 23 G is different I am sorry and if youre not sure go to toyos website and check out the GX. thanks

Rick Heitman
3-Oct-2004, 15:49
sorry, I just found out what a 23 g is.

Jeffrey Goggin
5-Oct-2004, 18:06
I have one, complete with quite a few gen-u-ine Toyo accessories, that I might be persuaded to sell now that my middle-aged eyes have gone to hell and I'm shooting 8x10 to compensate. Drop me an email and let's talk...