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Mark Sawyer
2-Oct-2004, 15:51
I decided I wanted to do platinum printing, so I went out and bought a point-and-shoot digital camera. But when I put the pictures into Photoshop, I checked all the tool-bars and pull-down menus and couldn't find "platinum" anywhere. Do I have to buy special software to make platinum prints?

clay harmon
2-Oct-2004, 15:52
yes. A special plug-in is required.

Geary Lyons
2-Oct-2004, 16:55
Mark, I'm confused!? Do you want to make platinum prints or inkjet prints with a color curve that approximates the tone of a platinum print? If it is the latter, then you can use the plug-in or modify the color curves to your liking. But regardless, it will not be a platinum print by any definition.

A platinum print, firstly, and foremost, requires the use of platinum. Secondly, it is a somewhat labor intensive photographic process that produces a unique "look" and exceptional image permanence.

Cheers, Geary

Jorge Gasteazoro
2-Oct-2004, 18:04
yes. A special plug-in is required.

In this case I think you need two special plug ins.....

2-Oct-2004, 22:30
>In this case I think you need two special plug ins.....

>--Jorge, 2004-10-02 17:04:51

What did you say, Jorge? You sound all muffled...

Mark Sawyer
3-Oct-2004, 00:01
Okay, I think I understand now. Does anybody know what kind of plug-ins Alfred Steiglitz and Frederick Evans used?

Armin Seeholzer
3-Oct-2004, 03:58
Hi Mark

They used a plugin wich only worked on windows 95 so it is gone forewer, because bill gates is not really back compatible oriented!


3-Oct-2004, 15:40
">In this case I think you need two special plug ins....."

Initially I thought this was was tongue-in-cheek. I'd like a digital camera which can replace the burglar alarm too. Maybe tell me the FTSE index and weather too.

But as I'm I'm really slow with this new-fangled stuff (I still use Windows 3.1 except for internet access), where does the other one go?

With my limited awareness of photoshop, the only place left to plug it in has to be.....the frontal cortex.

Jorge Gasteazoro
3-Oct-2004, 16:16
With my limited awareness of photoshop, the only place left to plug it in has to be.....the frontal cortex.

LOL...you got it ISO2. In all fairness, I think Mark was trying to make a joke and it fell flat. You know, like the one about the "expert" in 35 mm being confused about a GG image being upside down. That one worked because the guy used a different name, with Mark, all you had to do was click his name and see he was joshing.....

Mike Troxell
3-Oct-2004, 22:16
Actually, if you would take the time to study your photographic history, I believe Ansel Adams went through a period around 1938 when he made extensive use of the Photoshop 'platinum' plug-in. Or was that Paul Strand?

3-Oct-2004, 22:39
>Or was that Paul Strand?

Paul Strand! Good to see you know your photography history Mike Troxell!

Christopher Nisperos
4-Oct-2004, 08:01
..what's a "plug-in"? Does this have anything to do with hair implants?

4-Oct-2004, 10:34
"You know, like the one about the "expert" in 35 mm being confused about a GG image being upside down."

It's interesting that someone else mentioned this. I just bought a large format camera on ebay and my groundglass image is upside down too! For a while I considered keeping the camera, but finally decided that I don't want to make upside down photographs. Sadly, the guy who sold it to me isn't answering my emails.

should I contact ebay?

ps .. with that plugin, is it possible to make upside down platinum prints, or am i just screwed?

4-Oct-2004, 14:43
You're screwed.

It is not possible to make an upside down platinum print. I am sure, if you ask around and study it further you will see that to make an upside down platinum print would mean you have to expose it backward. Clearly it would be futile to expose an upside down negative backward and then manipulate it in photoshop. Maybe you should just re list the camera on Ebay. Make sure you mention the defect. The next buyer would want to know about the ubside down and backward image on the GG.

Mark Sawyer
4-Oct-2004, 17:48
Boy, are you guys lucky I'm here. If you'll send me your upside-down prints and a self-addressed stamped envelope for return, along with $5 cash, I'll convert your upside-down prints to rightside-up. And for a limited time, I'll convert rightside-up platinum prints to upside-down for the same low price. This may be of special interest to anyone planning a show in Australia.

Jorge Gasteazoro
4-Oct-2004, 19:00
Mark S, since you are so good at this turning around bussiness, maybe you can help me. I took this picture but the person unfortunatelly is behind a tree. Do you think you could turn around the negative and print the other side?........

Mark Sawyer
6-Oct-2004, 00:17
Actually, Jorge, the trick is to print through the back side of the paper.

Reminds me of an argument I once had with a student who swore he could correct for focusing too far away in the camera by focusing the enlarger too close...

Jorge Gasteazoro
6-Oct-2004, 05:27
Yeah well, I was asked this when I did a short stint at a camera store when I got laid off....the one other memorable one was:

I dropped this roll of film, do you think the pictures are going to come out blurry now?

Jorge Gasteazoro
6-Oct-2004, 20:04
LOL....Beleive me Dan the temptation was there to really screw with them, but in the end I thought being nice would be better for the camera store and the owner, who was a friend.

Jack Eden
5-Dec-2004, 09:58
Blurry pictures... Maybe I can sell you some focusing fluid for your film.