View Full Version : Sinar DB Lenses

Robert Brown
2-Oct-2004, 09:29
Can anyone tell me if the lens cells of a DB mounted lens, say a Super Angulon 90mm f/8, be rermoved from the DB board and mounted in a standard Copal shutter. Are the threads the same (Copal 0) or have they been modified for use on the DB board to work with the in-camera Sinar shutter system, or are these cells permanently set in the DB board? I have a Copal 0 that is empty, and most DB lenses seem to sell for a little less than those mounted in shutters. Thanks for any info on this.



Ernest Purdum
2-Oct-2004, 11:15
I have a Sinaron which was originally set up for a DB mount. It is now in a Copal and the cells threaded right in.