View Full Version : Recently Acquired Two Mint Condition Lenses

29-Mar-2014, 14:52
Hi. This is my first time posting on this forum. I regularly post of on POTN (Photography on the Net) as was told to come here for information regarding two lenses that were given to me by my aunt. They appear to be in mint condition. There is no element separation. The glass is clear and there appears to be no oil on the aperture blades. All shutter speeds and apertures appear to be accurate (I am no expert in testing this) The lenses in question are:

Rodenstock Graflex Grandagon 58mm f5.6 Synchro-Compur

Rodenstock Graflex Rotelar 180mm f4.5 Synchro-Compur

I do not shoot large format so I do not know much about these lenses. Is there any interest in them in the large format world? How much would someone pay for each? Like I said, they are basically mint condition. Thanks in advance for the help

Dan Fromm
29-Mar-2014, 15:17
These are both original issue lenses for the Graflex XL, a 2x3 camera. Medium format, not large format.

The 58 Grandagon is said to cover 4x5 (just). I have one that, like nearly all of the 58 Grandagons I've seen, has horrible separations front and rear. These manifest as silvery spots in the lens and as rings of fire around the periphery.

The 180 Rotelar is a telephoto lens that covers 2x3, not 4x5.

To find prices, search sold auctions on eBay.