View Full Version : Pirate Lens Vade Mecum on E*ay?

Steven Tribe
29-Mar-2014, 11:49
There is a German lister of paper copies of lens VM active at the moment. I think this has only appeared recently.
A completed listing is 221397416384.

My understanding was that Dan (CCHarrison) was the distributor of this work - through agreement with the copyright holders. The Artwork on the front cover looks identical to Dan's.

Is this by arrangement with Dan - perhaps to solve the transatlantic postage barrier. Or is it an infringment of your copyright agency? Thought it might be easier for you to give information this way, rather than through answers to individual PMs!

If it is pirate - how can we help?

29-Mar-2014, 14:08
Hi Steven

I sent an email to the seller. To my knowledge this appears to be a pirated copy.

Also at $ 60 shipped I can't imagine too many buyers when both editions are available via PDF files for $11.99 which includes a 10% percent donation to a Children's Hospice non-profit organization.

Thanks for the post. Let you know if I get a response.


Francisco J. Fernández
29-Mar-2014, 14:28

you talking about a vade mecum of classic or similar objectives? as I can buy it?

please give me a link or a mp to buy, I would like to have him in my books.

thanks (I mean the original)

Steven Tribe
29-Mar-2014, 14:46
Just go to CCHarrison's link (post #2) and the entry to the lens vade mecum service is near the bottom of the page.

Francisco J. Fernández
30-Mar-2014, 05:11
I've already bought, thanks for the info.