View Full Version : Correct processing of tetenal e6 in Jobo CPE-2

29-Mar-2014, 10:13

I've searched and found conflicting advice on this. Tetenal's instructions say they are based on rotary processors times, but Jobo recommends a reduced time of 4 minutes for the colour dev step.

Anyone on here know which is correct?


1-Apr-2014, 03:17
I use the Fuji times when developing E6 films:http://www.fujihunt.com/fuji/fhvip.nsf/files/TIS%20Misc/$file/TIS%203E6%20E2%2002-07.pdf and never had a problem. I think my first home developed slide film had only 4m of color developer, but did not notice any diffrence when I began using the Fuji times.