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29-Mar-2014, 06:25
Note that i put budget as more of a reference, but i am wondering what are the less expensive options of 20X24 coverage?
Also - what modern lenses cover that size if any?

29-Mar-2014, 06:30
This is asked about once a month by someone. The last time someone posted a long list of what's available. If you search, you should find it.

On prices, supply and demand dictate. Saying you want to shoot 35mm film is expensive. Moving up to 4x5 large format is more expensive. Moving up to 8x10 is more expensive. Why would the largest size every made be "budget" for equipment? I want a new 2014 Corvette....but I want it cheap.

29-Mar-2014, 06:34
Of course, i meant budget to difrenciate between options in that coverage, not to say that they should be cheap.
I will search for that thread.

29-Mar-2014, 06:36
The search is not coming up - but would be grateful if someone could supply the link or name of the thread.

29-Mar-2014, 06:44



Hope this helps.

Steven Tribe
29-Mar-2014, 06:50
This thread will be moved to the lens section quite soon!

29-Mar-2014, 06:57
Also - what modern lenses cover that size if any?


Dave Wooten
29-Mar-2014, 07:00
Fujinon c 600 mm 1200.00 - 1600.00/ reflecting sales in the last 12 months.

Dan Fromm
29-Mar-2014, 07:17
Fujinon c 600 mm 1200.00 - 1600.00/ reflecting sales in the last 12 months.

Are you sure it will cover?

29-Mar-2014, 07:26
For a wide angle look try the 450mm Nikkor M. You would not believe it could cover from the specifications, and few people would tell you that it does. But I made a bunch of 20X24" negatives with this lens and found it better on the corners than the 600mm Fujinon C, or the 35" RDA. In fact.

The only caveat is that you will need to stop the lens down to f/64 or f/90 to get acceptable sharpness on the corners. But for contact printing I found it to be quite acceptable for 20X24 when stopped down. Better in fact than those very expensive F/18 Protars of about the same focal length.


29-Mar-2014, 08:37
if you don't mind simple, planoconvex quick and dirty
you can make your own barrel lens from supplies found
at the suurplus shed. i have made lenses that can " illuminate "
20x22 with ease ... corners will soft, you can probably make your own
fstops and get better illumination ...
if not reversed ( flat out curved towards film ) it will be a plain old lens
if reversed it will be like a wollaston meniscus, a low budget of what
reinhold makes ... and i think he is making some very large ones these days ...