View Full Version : Lens case: Cabela's Hardside Reel Case on sale through May for $29.99, holds up to 8

28-Mar-2014, 22:02
Thanks to these forums, I learned that fishing reel cases can make good large format lens cases. When Cabela's spring catalog listed their Cabela's Hardside Reel Case (http://www.cabelas.com/catalog/search_catalog_command.cmd?fromProductSearch=true&item1=be-32-3063) on sale for $29.99 (regularly $49.99) and the size seemed right, I bought one.

It arrived today and thus far it seems quite good. The fit for my lenses on their 4x4" lensboards is just right with room for some extra padding top and bottom. The sides are molded and thus semi-rigid but do not provide much extra padding. The adjustable dividers are the usual hook-and-loop Velcro type and can divide the interior into up to eight compartments if the lenses are small or you store lenses plus filters.

Be certain you order it with the "BE" prefix for the item, BE-32-3063, or you get the regular pricing. If you sign-up for a Cabella's credit card (no annual fee) and join their "Cabela's Club" you get $5 shipping plus $20 Cabela's Club points, so the case including shipping and tax cost me only $16.91.

29-Mar-2014, 14:26
Thanks! I don't need much excuse to go into Cabela's if I am in the neighborhood.

Dan Dozer
30-Mar-2014, 07:46
I have a soft side version that looks pretty much like this and it works great for me with lenses mounted to 6 x 6 lens boards. Lots of padding. I highly recommend the Cabela's equipment like this for photo gear.

30-Mar-2014, 10:26
Like Dan, I travel with four lenses in the soft case, and I like it, too. Each lens is mounted on a 6x6 board and in a Calumet lenswrap. The bag's also got a zippered mesh pocket on the inside top, and a large zippered external pocket on the outside of the top. I keep my big Harrison dark cloth in the pocket. Handle and detachable shoulder strap, too.

I'll be making a detour into Cabela's to look at the hard case. Sound like a winner. Thanks, Megapixel, for the suggestion.