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27-Mar-2014, 22:16
Hello everyone!

I have got a Pacemaker Speed Graflex camera. But the Graflok back is too old to be used. The same type of the back (graflok back) is a little expensive and old in ebay. Is there anyone later and more reliable could replace the back? THX:)


Dan Fromm
28-Mar-2014, 04:55
Bob, there's just one Graflok back for Pacemaker Graphics. Old ones -- my oldest was made in 1949, the year the Graflok back was introduced -- still work very well. Tell us more about your problem and why you think age has anything to do with it.

28-Mar-2014, 08:27
About the only thing that can go wrong with a Graflok is getting dirt and corrosion in the springs, which can happen if a camera is stored for a long period of time. The back castings are made from magnesium, which is kind of prone to surface corrosion in unpainted areas (or where the paint is worn/chipped). The only other problem I've seen is on cameras that were stored for long periods of time with a film holder stuck in them (or worse, a Grafmatic). You know, where Grandpa put it away in the attic that way and it sat for 20 years. The springs tend to get kind of floppy when left under tension for that long, but the back will still usually be functional.
If it's a corrosion issue, the best way to clean it is to disassemble it and give it a bath in an ultrasonic machine...if you don't have access to that, hot soapy water and an old toothbrush will help a lot. Lube the pivot points a drop of light synthetic oil and work the pivots back and forth to work it in. I've worked on a lot of these, and have yet to see one that couldn't be saved.

29-Mar-2014, 23:26
Thanks for your help, Dan. The problem is that the spring of the back is no elastic and I can't insert the film holder. Furthermore, there is a lot of corrosion on the surface.

29-Mar-2014, 23:35
Thanks a lot. You are right. That's my problem. The spring is no elastic and I can't insert the film holder. There is also a lot of corrosion on the surface. I can only unscrew the screw to remove the ground glass. But I have no idea to disassemble it to replace the worn spring.

Dan Fromm
30-Mar-2014, 06:13
I haven't looked at them for ages, but one of the manuals on www.southbristolviews.com might show how the focusing panel (that's where the springs are) comes apart. If it comes to that, you need a focusing panel, not a complete back assembly.