View Full Version : Richard Avedon Dies

Jerry Flynn
1-Oct-2004, 13:05
There is a follow-up of yesterday's news on the NY Times Web site. http://www.nytimes.com/2004/10/01/arts/01CND-AVED.html?hp

In 1970 I visited his one-man show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts many times. It was the first time that I truely came to understand that it mattered who held the camera.

While I never pursued portaiture or fashion, he was one of the reasons I took up pjhotography. I'll miss seeing his work each week in the New Yorker.

Gem Singer
1-Oct-2004, 13:24
The world of photography has lost another legendary figure. I will miss Richard. Not having him here in the living world leaves a huge void.

Andre Noble
1-Oct-2004, 19:25
Is it my imaginations, there seems to be a lot of 'transition' out the in the "Universe' as they say. Richard Avedon passes. Yesterday my beloved career mentor also had a stroke. Ilford is having problems. Bronica has been discontinued. Films are being cancelled. Presidential election in November. And on and on.

Anyone else notice this thread of 'transition' weaving through personal life, or is it just me?

David R Munson
1-Oct-2004, 23:54
He will be missed. His death leaves a distinct void in the photo world - a place that is becoming more confusing and unfamiliar with every passing day.

domenico Foschi
2-Oct-2004, 02:56
My first instinctive thought whrn i read the news was: And now...who is going to produce those incredible images? I will never forget the grace, the elegance and immense strength of his work. One of the few that has given a special imprint to photography . One of the few that has inspired many young people to express themselves with a camera. I lost a teacher i never met.

Tadge Dryja
2-Oct-2004, 08:04
He was definetly one of the greatest, and an inspiration to me and many others I knew. His In the American West series changed how I looked at photography. While I've still yet to see one of his actual, real life prints (only his books) in a museum, I can only hope that his work will continue to be shown for centuries to come.

Andre Noble
3-Oct-2004, 03:17
Jon Porter on Photnet noted this list of recent photographer passings:

Richard Avedon 10-1

Eddie Adams 9-26

Carl Mydans 8-16

Henri Cartier-Bresson 8-3

Helmut Newton 1-23

Francesco Scavullo 1-6