View Full Version : Vario shutter

Kevin J. Kolosky
26-Mar-2014, 18:10
I was digging around in a box of stuff that was given to me and found an old shutter that says VARIO on it. The speeds are B, 25, 75, 200. There doesn't seem to be an aperture scale on it, but the aperture selection button works well, as to the shutter speeds. Even has a mounting flange.

What types of lens cells would fit in this shutter?

Carsten Wolff
27-Mar-2014, 03:20
-depends, some would be Copal 00 size; threads can vary, diameters, too. E.g. some old short angulons that came in 00 shutters MAY fit. If you're keen to experiment, you can glue/mount a small achromat on the back and use it as a landscape lens perhaps.