View Full Version : Widest optic on a Sinar F2

1-Oct-2004, 09:15
What is the widest lens you use on a Sinar F2 using the standard 455.36 wide angle bellows with no recessed board. I have heard form people who use a 65 lens comfortably despite Sinar recommending using the extra wide angle 455.46 bellows for 65 and wider. What is the use of this second bellows then?

Armin Seeholzer
1-Oct-2004, 12:08
You can use a 47 mm with the normal bag bellows the cheaper one don't know the number!

1-Oct-2004, 12:20
Hello Armin. You are talking about the Schneider 47 on a flat lens board am I right?

Armin Seeholzer
1-Oct-2004, 15:11
Yes you are right!