View Full Version : Sinaron DB mount

chris raggatt
1-Oct-2004, 07:33
I'm thinking of buying a Sinaron S 5.6 300m lens with DB mount and want to know whats involved in changing it to a copal 3 shutter, and were I can get the best price on the copal 3.

Jerry Flynn
1-Oct-2004, 08:29
SK Grimes at www.skgrimes.com offers shutter mounting and lists pricing for Copal shutters.

Gem Singer
1-Oct-2004, 08:34
Hi Chris,

Midwest Photo Exchange lists a new Copal 3 shutter on their website (www.mpex.com) for $379. You would also need to obtain the proper aperature scale for that lens. If you have someone like S.K. Grimes (www.skgrimes.com) do the job, you can add the labor cost to the total. Perhaps it would be more practical to look for a good previously owned 300mm. lens that is already mounted in a Copal 3 shutter. They are fairly common on the used market. A 300 that is mounted in a Copal 1 shutter, such as a Nikkor 300M, or a Fujinon 300C, can be purchased for even less.

Pete Roody
1-Oct-2004, 10:03
It involves about $400 (shutter + iris scale) if it is a direct fit. More if it needs machine work to adapt it. Unless you are getting the lens for a bargain price, I would not recommend you go this route. It is usually less expensive to find the same lens in shutter.