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24-Mar-2014, 10:24

My name is Vladimir , and i have inherited from my father some cameras, he
was an amateur collector.
I try to find out something about one camera, but i can not find anythinh
about it.
So maybe You can help me about it.

On lens i have written this:


I am sorry for my bad english.

Thank You , and if You can help me , please answer me .

Thanks again.

Jim Noel
24-Mar-2014, 13:46
It is the predecessor of the Goerz Dagor. I have a few of varying focal lengths and love them.

24-Mar-2014, 15:27
and maybe You know how to find the age of this camera , and possible value?

24-Mar-2014, 17:27
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Dan Fromm
24-Mar-2014, 18:29
Actually the Dagor and the doppel anastigmat Ser. III are the same thing. New name, Dagor; original name, doppel anastigmat Ser. III.

Steven Tribe
25-Mar-2014, 15:45
I think this is a French chambre de visite camera from around 1895-1920. It has the "turn the bellows" change for vertical/horizontal. Looks like walnut. Some reason the "sellers badge" has been unscrewed at some time in the past when it was not PC in its country of use!

We don't give valuations here. But the camera, without the appropriate plate holders, has little value.

Michael E
25-Mar-2014, 16:49
Hello Vladimir,

what's written on the lens doesn't tell you anything about the camera. Lenses were widely interchangeable, and the (obviously not original) lens board implies that this is probably not the lens that came with the camera. As others have indicated, this Goerz lens is well regarded (but not rare). The design was patented in 1892 and sold under the name "Dagor" after 1904, so this gives you an approximate age for the lens. Cameras of this kind were made by a number of makers over a long period of time in several countries. Maybe somebody recognizes the model or maker... One important fact would be the negative size. You can simply measure the ground glass.

26-Mar-2014, 06:22
Thank You so much, i will make a few more photos of camera and will post here, and the back glass dimensions.
Thank You again!

27-Mar-2014, 08:06

Here some more photos . I have spotted a diference in wood colour an it have circle shape, it may be of plate wich was here in past

27-Mar-2014, 08:09

And here i put a sticky band to preserve glass during transport

27-Mar-2014, 13:26
And one more question, if I clean the brass on this camera , does it lower the value of camera and lense???

Steven Tribe
27-Mar-2014, 14:19
The solid brass handle is typical of French cameras, but the back is square which is uncommon. The attachment design for plate holders is a standard one - but I fear the external dimensions are special for this camera model.

Very well redone brasswork (clean and new lacquer) will not decrease the value. Badly done, it definite decreases the value (lens and camera)! On my French camera of this type/age, the brass has a stained lacquer, rather than a clear lacquer.