View Full Version : Which center filter for Schneider 75 SA f5.6

Alain Briot
30-Sep-2004, 22:00
I have a Schneider 75mm Super Angulon f.5.6 which vignettes slightly. I'd like to use a center filter on it but I have no idea which one to use. If anyone has some information or knows about how to find the proper filter please let me know. Thank you.

30-Sep-2004, 22:21

Click on Large Format > accessories, film, etc. > Center Filters

The descriptions tell you which lenses the various filter models are for...


Michael S. Briggs
30-Sep-2004, 22:52
If you want the Schneider-made filter, Schneider's US website doesn't seem to have this information, but it is on the website of the parent company: look for the pdf file "Center Filter" at http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/pdf_downloads.htm.
Probably any center filter with the correct mounting threads would work well enough.

Jeff Moore
1-Oct-2004, 00:13
The Schneider wide-angle lenses all have their own specific center filter. The correct center filter for the 75mm/f5.6 Super Angulon is the Schneider 67mm #3 center filter. This filter has an 86mm front thread to allow for the use of additional filters without vignetting. They're not cheap ($308.95 @ B&H).

Don Miller
1-Oct-2004, 06:46
Be sure to read the fine print from Schneider. With some wides they also list a weaker alternate center filter. I would only use the stronger filter if doing architecture or other man made continuous tone objects. For landscape I would choose to save the 1/2 stop.


Donald Hutton
1-Oct-2004, 10:44
I used to have one of these lenses - I used the same IIIb which I use on my 58mmXL and 110mmXL. I was very satisifed with the results.

Bart Langenaken
4-Oct-2004, 15:49
If interested I sell my Schneider centerfilter type III for the SA 75/5.6 I've used it with my SA 75 untill I changed to the SS 80/4.5 Xl and I bought the proper centerfilter (IIIb) for it. Filter is two years old (bought it new) and I am amateur no professional. Filter is like new and comes with original packaging.

Alain Briot
4-Oct-2004, 17:26

Yes, I am interested. Contact me via email at alain@beautiful-landscape.com I emailed you separately and I am posting this message in case my email doesn't reach you.