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30-Sep-2004, 20:06
Well I am about to purchase a 90mm lens. My only lens is a Rodenstock 150mm f/5.6. So, I am looking at a Rodenstock Grandagon. Would I be better off going with a different brand? If Rodenstock Grandagon is a good way to go, I can get a f6.8 for around $650 or I can buck up and get the f4.5 for a couple hundred more. I shoot landscapes only, do I need the better glass on the f4.5?

Thanks for all the advice.


Glenn Kroeger
30-Sep-2004, 20:36

The Grandagon-Ns are great. The f/4.5 is significantly bigger (filter size) and heavier. I have used the f/6.8 and been very pleased with the results. I would think that it would be fine for any landscape applications. If you were doing studio or architecture, the larger image circle of the f/4.5 might be an advantage.

I rented one from either Photomark in Phoenix or Glazer's in Seattle. If you are uncertain about a lens, renting one for a few days is a good way to assure yourself of your choice.

Leonard Evens
30-Sep-2004, 22:58
I have a f/6.8 90 mm Grandagon-N. It is one of most frequently used lens. I am very happy with it. Except for a brighter image to focus with, I don't think you will gain all that much by going to the f/4.5.

arthur berger
1-Oct-2004, 05:02
I currently use a 90 4.5 grandagon , I traded in the 6.8 to get it. I had problems focusing in dark situations such as in the woods or inside poorly lit rooms. I love the 4.5 even though it means carrying larger filters and is bigger and heavier. It really comes down to weighing which is more important , ability to see a brighter image or weight and money.

Jerry Flynn
1-Oct-2004, 08:39
I have both 90mm and 115mm versions of the lens -- one is labeled Caltar, the other Sinaron and I am extremely happy with both. The Caltars can usually be had at a lower price than lenses carrying the Rodenstock label with no loss in performance. I belive I paid $450 for the 90mm in nearly brand-new condition from KEH.