View Full Version : Contact Printer from FineArts in Rochester

Robert Skeoch
30-Sep-2004, 19:52
Has anyone used the contact printer that FineArts in Rockester is selling for 8x10 b&w work. It seems pricey at $160 but if you've used one let me know what you think of it.

Norm Johnson
30-Sep-2004, 21:55
I have not looked at it yet on site but can say this. I have an old Burke James contact printer and I paid used for it more than that back six or seven years ago. It has several bulbs. In the day of owning a Furniture Photography Studio and lab we had several vacum operated contact printer of which one was for 16 by twenty and down. I will look at the one you talk about but if it is a good unit I would not think price was to much.


Norm Johnson
30-Sep-2004, 22:01

I must offer an apology, I was thinking in terms of a contact printing unit, not frame. Not sure what the value on these are. At one time there were the air force contact printers or the Burke James plus other units. Am sure some of the regulars may know where to find them. Do not know if there are any being made to day. Norm

Jorge Gasteazoro
1-Oct-2004, 01:25
$105 for the same at Bostick and Sullivan. I think PF has them even cheaper, but have heard some complaints about them. Best way to go, for the same amount of money, is to get a used NuArc vacuum frame at e bay.

1-Oct-2004, 17:30
The vacuum frame I have does work great, but you do need the contact frame if you're going to use it for many alt processes. You have to open it and look at half the paper. The downside to buying a vacuum frame on eBay is the shipping costs. I got lucky and got mine from a local seller. There are lots of ways to make one yourself. Dick Sullivan at Bostick and Sullivan has good plans on their website.

Jorge Gasteazoro
1-Oct-2004, 17:38
Well, you have to open the frame if you are using "seat of the pants" exposures. With a little bit of testing and test strips you can avoid this. I assure you, anybody who is doing pt/pd seriously, sooner or later falls into testing and developing a systematic approach. I use Arentz's way, but there are many others.