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chin-fan so
19-Oct-1999, 02:22
I saw a Technika 4 with a Linhof dirty 150mm and reccess board selling at USD 10 00. The body is 90% mechanically work but 65% on the outlook. Just want to know if it worth the money and does it have difficulties in using 4 7mm?

Thanks for your comment Direct email is welcomed

Bob Salomon
19-Oct-1999, 06:45
The only 45 Technika that accepts and focuses 35mm, 45mm, 47mm, 55mm, 58mm and 65mm lenses is the latest Master technika 2000 which has a built-in wide angle focusing lever in the camera body.

The IV, V and Master technika need the optional Wide Angle Focusing Device to use the 55mm, 58mm, 65mm lenses and there is no precise, correct or accurate way to focus the 35mm, 45mm or 47mm on these cameras.

From your description I think that is a high price for a 36+ year old camera in questionable visual condition. A camera with that much wear on the outside is sure to need some service. Due to the age of this camera many repair parts are no longer available from either our service center or from the Linhof factory.

As a point of reference you might want to check prices in a magazine. We have recently substantially reduced the prices of new 45 Linhof Technikas and this should be looked at when judging used camera selling prices.